Champaign Premium Grain Growers Management

Champaign Premium Grain Growers Management

Champaign Premium Grain Growers (CPGG), managed by Integrated Ag Services, was established in 2000 to share existing resources and expertise of the owners rather than each farmer trying to operate independently. Currently, 38 Ohio farmers in and around the Champaign County area partner through CPGG to ensure they retain their independence. 

CPGG Mission Statement

CPGG operates as a Limited Liability Company, to identify and facilitate profitable production of value added crops, to enhance each member’s bargaining position on both input and output opportunities, and to use the sum of the memberships’ knowledge base as an avenue to learn from each other.

CPGG History

Champaign Premium Grain Growers was developed November of 2000 by 17 farmers, representing 27,000 acres of crop production. Members felt they could market their specialty output grains more effectively by joining together with like-minded farmers.

Integrated Ag Services was hired to manage and operate the day-to-day business of the company by providing the support staff and infrastructure to make the business run. 

The first task of the company was to establish themselves as a reliable source for its members’ input supplies.  

CPGG currently represent over 60,000 acres of business.  

Interested in Joining CPGG?

If you are a grain farmer in the Champaign County area and are interested in joining the group, please contact Integrated Ag Services at 937-826-3003.

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