HD Soil Sampling

Watch drone footage of our Automated Precision Soil Sampler in action.

Integrated Ag Services HD Soil Sampling takes the age-old method of soil sampling, makes it more efficient, and most importantly, more accurate. With IAS HD Soil Sampling, you get more samples to help guide variable rate technology, leading to better results and higher profits. 

If you need help meeting the new H2Ohio Requirements, we can help. 

  • HD Soil Sampling
  • CCA Driven Nutrient Management Plan
  • 4R Driven Fertility Rx
  • Spatial as applied maps

What makes our HD Soil Sampling process so unique? Our automated soil sampler takes a sample every half acre, providing two samples per acre. These locations are marked using existing GPS technology, which are used to develop detailed application maps. These maps allow the farmer to apply inputs at a very high level of precision and accuracy.
This state-of-the-art technology enables inputs to be tailored to every half-acre, ultimately improving results and increasing profits.

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